Friday, July 27, 2007


It is late and I cant sleep. So, I thought I would update my blog. I had a few thoughts in my sleep deprived state. I will share one with you. How do you know if your are buying and original painting or just some poor quality knock off?

These days, it can be difficult to tell online whether you are getting truly original art or a copy put out by a machine. Some copies are printed on canvas and a dishonest seller could convince you that you are buying an original. It’s a good idea to be careful when buying art, whether online or in a physical gallery. Of course, reproductions are fine, as long as you know you’re getting a reproduction from an honest seller. I say “honest,” because some sellers will illegally make reproductions of another artist’s work, then try to sell it to you. This is why many artists will not publish large images of their art on web pages. They are afraid of theft.

I will post a close-up of one of pictures, later, when the sun has come up. I am sure that I am not the only one who finds it just a little bit difficult to take good pictures in the darkness of the night.

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