Saturday, July 28, 2007

I have A "To Do List"

I have notes and stickies for everything. My "to do list" is impossible to complete, it is too long. Things usually find their way to my list because I don't want to do them in the first place. I have things on my list like clean out a closet or mop under the stove (yuck). You know, those activities, that I have do be done, but you hate doing them, but you have such a sense of accomplishment after you complete such unpleasant tasks.

My "list: included doing some work in the garden. Today was another hot and muggy day on the east coast. Despite this miserable weather, I managed to get some gardening done. I, also tried working on my painting outside, but was forced to move back indoors, when the bugs discovered me and decided that I made a tasty meal.

I am working on a few paintings, which are in various stages of completion. Today's goal was to make some progress on the purple flower painting and do a daily painting. Well, I did make some decent progress on the flower. My daily painting once again, is on the list of things that I did not have a chance to complete. Tomorrow is another day, the daily painting moves to the top of the list.

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