Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Continental Breakfast

My puppy is a thief. I should have named him Bandit instead of Nitro. Nitro is a 8 month old lab shepherd mix, that we adopted from our local animal shelter. If Nitro does not have to attend to puppy things, (translation getting into trouble) he is usually close by me when I paint. But on this particular day, I guess, Nitro got it in his puppy mind that he wanted to create a painting too. I had my tubes of paint on the table, while working on this piece. I should have know that he was up to no good, because he was quiet. While my attention was diverted, Nitro decided to help himself my ultramarine blue tube of paint. He chewed up an almost full tube of paint, leaving just the cap. The mess that my adorable puppy created is almost indescribable. Needless to say there was blue paint all over the floor, the carpet in the family room and the Nitro's mouth and paws. In retrospect I should have dipped his tail in the paint and used his tail as a brush.

After overcoming my initial outrage, at his thievery, my concerns turned toward his health. I was not sure what type of pigments are in ultramarine blue, I knew that the oils would not hurt him. I called my vet and was advise that more he would probably be alright, but watch him for any change in his condition. I am happy to report that Nitro continues to be healthy, and mischievous. I am anxiously waiting for him outgrow his terrible 2's.

Continental Breakfast is painted on an 11 x 14 canvas. The underpainting was done with yellow ochre. I used a limited palette, consisting of yellow orche, indian red, ultramarine blue, (Nitro's favorite color), alizarin crimson, oxide of chromium, and titanium white. Thanks for stopping by.